BSc Nutritional Medicine
Dip Irid (Iridology Diploma)
Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner
BSc Hons Geology

Caroline Westoll

I love finding ways to simplify my life & making the most out of every day using easy, achievable steps that fit seamlessly into our daily routine. I would love to share these with you.

I am a busy working wife & mum to two children. As well as caring for a menagerie of ducks, chickens, a rabbit & a dog that gets me out every day, rain or shine, for a ramble in the Sussex countryside, so simplicity is the key to making daily life work.

Being outside, gardening, foraging & using natural materials to make my own healing potions & beauty products are my soul nourishing things to do. I am also passionate about reducing our family’s impact on the environment by using sustainable, eco-friendly products and living as minimalist life as we can. We are by no means perfect but we do our best with the knowledge we have at the time.

My gut lead me to do a degree in nutritional therapy. Not gut instinct but an unhappy digestive system as I struggled with my digestive health for many years until seeking the help of a nutritional therapist and I finally found digestive balance & harmony. I know how debilitating IBS can be on both being able to live a ‘normal’ life and have the energy to adventure (something else I love doing). After 6 weeks of starting my treatment programme I realised how amazing I could feel and wanted to help as many others realise how their diet & lifestyle can support them in living life to the full too, so I undertook a 7 year Nutritional Medicine degree whilst having my two children and doing up a house (crazy!).

Since qualifying over a decade ago as a Nutritional Therapist, I have worked with many people and developed simple and sustainable ways to help them to optimise their health as well. I love empowering people to be their best, and am privileged to have been part of many healing journeys.

I know that we are not just nourished by what we eat but we are also fed by our surroundings, the relationships we keep with ourselves and others, as well as what we do to spark joy in our lives. I have discovered, over the years through working with many clients, that I have an affinity to help people declutter and create calm in their homes. If this is something you would like support with please do get in touch. I love a good clear out!