Our homes are an extension and reflection of our energy fields. They are a place that should be a sanctuary and support for our regeneration, strengthening and relaxation.

All to often we spend time tidying, organising and sorting. That can indicate that you might have too much stuff in your home. If you view the items in your house as an exchange of your time (we work for money and the time we spend at work equates to financial payment). It is important that we are surrounded by things we love, things that serve a purpose and have meaning. If you find that you are overwhelmed by stuff then it’s time to address the balance of exchange of your precious time for consumables.

Each project is different so it can evolve as the decluttering process happens, hence an hourly charge of £30. (There is a small additional travel fee if you are over 20 miles away of 40p per mile.)

I recommend a minimum of 3 hours to get the process started. This can be an instigator for you to carry on the purging process yourself or we can book in further sessions, working together towards your goal. Also included, is the removal of one car boot full of charity shop donations.

We will also work together to put in place easy to use systems to keep your home organised and tricks to make it easier for items that are no longer needed to leave the house.

I am also happy to show you how to sell items on eBay and Facebook Marketplace. The secondhand market is a great one for making sure that reusable items don’t just get thrown away into landfill, for recouping some cash and also for finding new items for your home.