Healthy Home

The one of the major contributors of household pollution is cleaning products. The artificially fragranced fabric softeners, chemical cleaners, polish and other cleaning products call all be toxic to our bodies. As well as being a health hazard to us, when they get in the water system and the natural environment they can also have a detrimental impact on flora & fauna.

I run workshops, via Eequ, to help show you how easy & cheap it is to make your own household cleaners using just a few natural ingredients. We talk through how harsh chemicals impact our bodies & the environment, as well as ways to minimise our impact whilst keeping a healthy, clean home.

You get to make one cleaning product during the 3 hour workshop, a few recipes for homemade products that I know work and also have the option to buy extra supplies to make your own at home.

If there isn’t a date that suits you, or you would like to arrange a workshop with friends at your own house, then please just drop me a message using the link below and we can work something out.