Health & Nourishment

These bespoke, 1:1 programmes are tailored to meet your individual health needs. After the initial consultation (around 90 minutes long) where we go through your health history, lifestyle, eating habits, sleep patterns & energy levels, we work together to start the journey for you to achieve your specific health goal(s). I will use over a decade of experience since finishing my degree in Nutritional Medicine to help support you the best I can through the transition to being more in balance and in tune with your body.

Regular check-ins make sure your treatment programme is developing to meet your needs without it being overwhelming. By taking small, positive steps towards re-balancing and nourishing your body we get there at a pace that suits you and your body in a gentle way.

There are different levels of programmes depending on your needs. As we are all so different we can discuss what bespoke programme would suit you best prior to our first consultation. Please don’t hesitate to call me – 0787 6757339 or email .

Virtual or in person Kitchen reboot – This online session can be added to any of the programmes. We work through your kitchen store cupboards and fridge together to discover which foods might not be nourishing you as best they could and discovering simple swaps to healthier alternatives. We make sure that you know how to use the foods you have already to their maximum healing potential. We also work on ways to reduce your environmental & plastic packaging impact on the world £99