I’ve always been fascinated by eyes. They are so beautiful and can really reflect how someone is feeling and their emotional state. It wasn’t until I did my degree in Nutritional Therapy that I discovered there was even more to learn and beauty in each iris.

Each eye is unique, showing inherent tendencies, strengths, weaknesses, interplay of organs, a person’s emotional & behavioural traits. Most of who we are is set in the womb, as the eye structure is one of the first parts of a foetus to form. However, these unique traits are not fully set in stone until we are 6 or 7 years old. Even after the age of 7 we can influence whether a potential health issue becomes symptomatic or not. It all depends on whether we live in balance for our unique being or not. This is where iridology can help.

It is a diagnostic tool, a real window into the workings and interactions within the body. Just by looking at the coloured part of your eye we can determine how your digestive system is functioning, potential nutrient imbalances/deficiencies, areas of potential weakness and so, so much more. We are then armed with vital information to help you get back in balance if you are ill or maintain health using tailored nutrition recommendations and other techniques.