Self-Led Programmes

I am currently running two self-led programmes – the 21 day RESET 1-2-3 Programme (£89) and the 28 day Immune Boost Programme (£98).

The 21 day Reset 1-2-3 Programme that I’ve developed over the years, and run with many clients, is designed to take you step by step, through:

1- breaking sugar cravings
2 – improving sleep and rest
3 – boosting energy and vitality

It is essentially a journey to greater well being, increased energy and understanding of how your body is happiest. As with all the work I do, the steps are simple, easy to implement and have a widespread, positive ripple effect on so many areas of your life.

We will focus on:

  • increasing the number of different foods you CAN eat, which support a healthy digestion, nourish your body & provide you with more vibrant energy throughout the day, while stepping away from cane sugar and processed foods.
  • eating foods that rebuild & rebalance your system helping restore health.
  • teaching you how to notice the subtle signs your body could be whispering to you to say it’s not happy.
  • Breaking sugar cravings & emotional eating habits.
  • creating a sense of calm within your body and in your home.
  • identifying common areas that could be stopping you from sleeping soundly and remedying them
  • and so much more….

The stages are broken down into 3 easy blocks which I guide you through with daily tips, encouragement and support. As this is a self-led programme you can pause and revisit any of the blocks you like, you have access for life. Ideally it should take 21 days for you to work through the programme but you can take as long as you like to help embed the new, positive habits. As you have access for life you can rerun the programme any time you feel the need to press the rest button.

This is what previous clients have reflected back after completing this programme:

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the Reset Programme, it was fabulous.  I have found it energising….it has helped me physically and mentally…and helped my mood too. 

The biggest part for me was not having processed sugar. Now if I am exhausted I have a cup of herbal or green tea, and maybe a healthy snack…and STOP, even if only for 20 minutes.

I have liked the new product ideas and all the recipes.  I have continued upping my exercise during the programme with no problems, shifted a cold in 3 days, and done some great decluttering around the house.   Caroline….you are a star!! 

CG, Surrey

The 4 week Immune Boost Programme does just that, nourishes and supports a healthy immune system. By focusing on having immune supporting foods & herbs with each meal you can strengthen or rebuild your defence system. We also cover areas such as hydration, exercising, sleep, stress management and much more. You will have a good, solid nutritional foundation to take with you for life. This is a great programme to help you rebuild after an illness or just to focus your nutrition on your inherent protection system.

To find out more or book on this programme please click here:

You have access to the programme information for life so can always pause, revisit or re-run these supportive & rebalancing sessions as and when you feel the need.

This is what previous clients have reflected back after completing this programme:

A HUGE thank you, I have found the Immune Boost Programme so beneficial & exactly what I needed to take small but effective steps to feeling more energised and stronger.

I found the daily emails just right as it gave me that regular reminder to stay on track as well as being interesting and full of important tips. I have added the key ingredients to my weekly list to ensure I am getting all the nutrients into meals. I’m also using so many of your delicious recipes too.

At the beginning of the programme I had a lingering dry throat after being ill, this has completely gone. I also felt sluggish. I now feel I have more energy & motivation to do exercise. I have even lost a few pounds which I’d put on since becoming a mummy!

My cravings have got less, definitely not getting that sugar low.

Thank you again, I’m really happy I signed up!

ZG, Kent