5 Top Tips to help overcome Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms

Do you struggle with digestive issues? Have you been diagnosed as having IBS? Even with a diagnosis are you struggling with your symptoms? IBS can affect every part of your life, lead to anxiety, depression, affect your immune system (80% of our immune response is in the gut) and mean you can’t live your life to the full. Despite there not being a conventional remedy for this condition, it is possible to restore harmony. I know because I’ve done it.

My gut lead me to train as a Nutrition & Wellbeing Practioner. Not gut instinct but an unhappy digestive system, as I struggled with my digestive health for many years until seeking the help of a nutritional therapist and I finally found digestive balance & harmony. I know how debilitating IBS can be on both being able to live a ‘normal’ life and have the energy to adventure (something else I love doing). After 6 weeks of starting my treatment programme way back in 2001 I realised how amazing I could feel and wanted to help as many others discover how their diet & lifestyle can support them in living life to the full too. Rebalancing IBS can be tricky but with help, guidance and full support it IS possible.

I’m offering a FREE discovery call if you’d like to explore how we could work together to help you gain harmony & balance – (0044) 7876757339 or email contact@carolinewestoll.com

I did a video recently for Spirit of Hemp’s Wellbeing Moments series & talked through 5 ways to help rebalance an unhappy digestive system. Check out these simple ways to help rebalance your digestive system. If you would like to try a very high quality CBD oil to help reduce anxiety and/or pain then here’s a little gift for you, my affiliate discount code – 15% discount code SPIRITOFHEMP006 http://www.spiritofhemp.com

Published by Caroline Westoll

I'm a Nutrition & Wellbeing Practitioner. Learning Permaculture ways & generating an edible garden in Sussex, UK

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