RESET Programme invitation & an exciting new feature

I hope you are well and life is treating you gently at the moment.  We had a little break away last week, going on two camping trips.  After listen to what kind of journeys various friends have been on over the past few months it’s really clear that different coping mechanisms have been used to help traverse this challenging time.  Things like cheeky glasses of wine most nights, sweet treats and various forms of comfort eating are common coping mechanisms that have slotted into daily life. These can have knock on effect on sleep, energy levels, mood, depression, immune system and our general health. 

They seem to slip in far to easily but it can be harder to cut them out especially as the main contributing factor to leaning on them as a crutch is still affecting daily life.  HOWEVER, that’s where I’d love to help you.  Over the next couple of months there are two opportunities where we can work TOGETHER to get you back on track, as I know YOU know it’s not really helping you in the long run.  Lets make some simple POSITIVE changes to your daily life to help you feel better & more in control of how you look after yourself.

The RESET 1-2-3 programme where we work together to reset:
1 – dependency on sugar (alcohol is included in this)
2 – a deep restful sleep
3 – flagging energy levels

Now, we are all human so I am not under the illusion that the foods/drinks under category 1 should be cut out completely but we can work on swapping to healthier options, reducing the mindless munching/drinking and discovering the real reason for reaching for these crutches. 

As a special new feature in my programmes you will receive a week menu plan tailored to your dietary needs FREE .  Whether you are a meat eater, hate eggs, love vegan food, etc  you will get this daily meal plan included in the cost of the programme for FREE in the RESET 1-2-3 programme running in August & September.  This should help give you structure and support to break those habits that are not serving you.

The 3 week guided programme costs £89 (including the FREE bonus meal plan) and I’d love you to join me.  You will get:

  • a 1:1 call with me prior to starting, 
  • Week meal planner bonus (FREE)
  • Daily support and encouragement
  • Simple yet effective tips as to how to break those unhealthy habits
  • Guidance and daily access to me with any questions
  • Cost effective ways to rebalance your daily routine and body

If you know of someone to buddy up with it’s always helpful to have a loved one to keep you accountable and work with.  Please share this offer with anyone you know who might benefit from some TLC.  The share button is at the bottom of the message.

There are two dates that the 3 week course is starting on, so choose from either 31st August OR 28th September, drop me a line and we can book you on.  Any questions please let me know.

Published by Caroline Westoll

I'm a Nutrition & Wellbeing Practitioner. Learning Permaculture ways & generating an edible garden in Sussex, UK

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